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“Ghost Child” by Caroline Overington

This is an Australian novel based in Melbourne.  A five year old child is attacked and sustains head injuries which results in his death.  His parents insist he was attacked while on his way from the dairy, but the police do not fully believe them.  Jacob, deceased, has three siblings and people start to suspect that the oldest sister was involved.  She was nine years old at the time and doesn’t speak about the accident.

A turbulent twenty years follow during which time the children are placed in various foster homes.  They learn to come to grips with their past even though it is very difficult at times.

The author, Caroline,  has written each chapter  as a first person narrative by the different characters from the book, e.g. Lauren Cashman, Ruby Porter (foster mum).  In the beginning this was confusing, but after reading a few chapters it became easier to understand the characters.  The format of the story was interesting – starting with the children being together, losing each other, then slowly finding family members again, all whilst coming to terms with being left behind by their parents.

This book intrigued me throughout as I needed to find out who was responsible for Jacob’s death.  Although the truth is only revealed towards the end, the whole story was interesting.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery.

A must read for adults who enjoy a tale with a twist.


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  Caroline Overington wrote @

Thank you so much for your kind review.

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